Name: Irina (Ira)
Second name: Demina
Gender: Female
Born: 21.10.1986, Poland
Nationality: Russian

Address: Berlin, Germany




2014-2016 MA “Choreography”. Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch”/Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT)
2010-2012    BA in contemporary dance CONTEMPORARY DANCE SCHOOL HAMBURG (CDSH, Germany) (accepted into the second year of education)
2004-2009   Moscow State Lomonosov University   (Philological Faculty)
2007             DIS (Danish Institute for Study abroad) Copenhagen
1999- 2005    School of modern dance “Magia”(Moscow). Diploma “dancer”.
From 2005 dancer in all productions of dance theatre “Magia”.Assistant of choreographer M.Suvorova          
1994-1999     folk dance ensemble “School years” (Moscow)_MG_2682


2017 – resident by international art residency [DEEP IN THE MOUNTAINS] PyeongChang in Gangwondo Province, South Korea (14.9 – 25.10.17)
2014-2016 – scholarship holder of Alfred Töpfer Stiftung F.V.S.
2016, 2014 – project fundings from Kulturbehörde Hamburg for projects “Accumulalalation” and “Banshee ragout”.
2013 – 3d prize at the “Euro-scene Leipzig. Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo 2013″, under idea and conception of Alain Platel. Solo “Dark Quark”
2012 – Nachwuchsförderung (funding for emerging artists) from Kulturbehörde Hamburg and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung for project “Hoomu Nite”.
2012 – Residence “How to start” by K3-Tanzplan Deutschland in frame of Kampnagel Sommerfestival 2012.
2010 – Residence in La Caldera (Barcelona) from Barcelona International Dance Exchange
2007- 2010 artist-in-residence in the agency for contemporary dance and performance TSEKH (Moscow). Between 2007 and 2009 staged three performances, that were performed in TSEKH and in various festivals


(in progress) – “Be water, my friend” (dance performance for Tanzkomplizen in Podewill). Premiere – November 2017, Berlin
–  project “BANSHEE RAGOUT” (in collaboration with Joshua Rutter) funded by the Kulturbehoerde Hamburg. Premiere – 9 Feb 2017, Hamburg
2016 – “TRAUMLABOR” (a dance piece for 5 dancers. generation 13+) coproduction Theater Strahl Berlin and HZT. Premiere – Sept 2016, Berlin
supported in frames of 3 years Konzeptionsförderung des fonds darstellende künste.
2015 – “360 degrees or today I almost puked the endolymph out of my ear canals” (premiere October 2015. Uferstudios Berlin)
2015 – “Banshee Ragout” site-specific performance in St. Annnen Museum in frames of long night of museums in Lübeck 2015.
2015 – research project “H55” (Uferstudios, HZT)
2014 – project “ACCUMULALALATION” supported by Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg and die Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. Performed in Hamburg (Golem), Berlin (Tanzfabrik).D71_4459-2
2013 – solo Dark Quark (3d prize at the Euro-scene Leipzig. Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo 2013″. Performed at Black Box festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2014)
2013 – evening-length solo piece “HOOMU [N]ITE” (premiere – April 2013), supported by Cultural Department of the city of  Hamburg and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. Extract was performed at the festival “SoloDuo NRW + Friends” Köln 2013.
2012 (Dec) – Showing in the frame of work-in-progress format “Probebühne Eins”, K3 Tanzplan Hamburg.
2012 –  Performance at Lübecker Museumsnacht’12
2011 – Solo ““-0,57 °Celsius” performed at Lichthof theatre (Hamburg) DANCE KIOSK festival (Hamburg)
2011 – research project “Wake me up when all this is over” (Berlin)
2010 – Art project “SUBWOOFER 662” (Moscow)
performed at Moscow exhibition of contemporary art Sputnik ART TSUM, LAVA Dance Festival, Tsekh
2009 – performance “Tomorrow/GO.DOT”  (on S. Becket’s plays)  TSEKH (Moscow), festivals “BodyWord”, ”Personal profile”


2016-17 “Banshee Ragout” collaboration with Joshua Rutter
– “Extrem Exotisch – Fiktiv Fremd” performance by Jochen Roller. Alte Nationalgelarie, Berlin
2014 – “Giselle” by Halla Ólafsdóttir& John Moström. Kampnagel, Hamburg
2013 – Project “Retrospective” (Kampnagel Sommerfestival) by Xavier le Roy (2013)
2012 – “I feel, therefore I am “ (Angela Guerreiro) , Hamburg
2012 – “Lust” (choreographies of Raul Valdez, Fiona Gordon, Tomislav Jelicic) Hamburg
2010 – “Meta.More.Phase.Is” (with Susan Kempster and Dovydas Letkauskas) under BIDE residence in La Caldera (Barcelona)
2005-2009 – dancer in all productions of dance theatre Magia (Moscow, GITIS theatre institution). Assistant of choreographer Marina Suvorova

In Drama Theatre:

2014 – choreographer. “Der Herbst der Untertanen” (director Nino Haratischwili).  Lichthof Theater (Hamburg), Deutsches Theater (Berlin)
2010 – choreographer. state theatre for children „A-Ya“, Moscow



Contemporary dance, hatha yoga
2010-2014 ON STAGE Hamburg,
2012-2014 o33 tanzwerkstatt (Hamburg)
2013 (Feb-March) Tanzinitiative Hamburg e.V. in der Triade,
2010-2012Ninjutsu-Bujinkan Hamburg.
2012 Dance Kiosk festival (Hamburg)
2012 Modern dance school (Moscow),
2008-2010 Tatyana Martynova dance Academy, e t.c


“International Summer Festival Kampnagel” 2013 – project “Retrospective” by Xavier le Roy.
“Live Art Festival” Kampnagel 2014
“Euro-scene Leipzig. Das beste deutsche Tanzsolo 2013″, under idea and conception of Alain Platel – 3d prizeDSC_2392
“Black Box Festival”, Plovdiv Bulgaria 2014, “SoloDuo NRW + Friends” 2013,  Köln
“International Summer Festival Kampnagel2012”(Hamburg)
“Dance Kiosk
“ 2011-2012 (Hamburg), Barcelona International Dance Exchange 2010 (Barcelona),
Lava Dance” 2010 (Moscow), “Sputnik Art” 2010 (Moscow) , “Personal profile” 2009 (Moscow), “Body Word” 2009 (St Petersburg) etc.

Russian, English, German, Spanish