2012. Wake me when it’s all over

• Wake me when it’s all over •

You know those nights, when you don’t dream, it’s because on those nights you’ve gone away. On those nights, you’re in someone else’s dream, you’re busy in someone else’s dream.

Dance performance

Three artists: Irene Cortina González (Spain), Dino Spiri (Germany) and Ira Demina (Russia) met together in Berlin.

We started with the idea of dreams, memories and mind trips. We went through different phases of sleep, imaginariums, creating own worlds and parallel realities, fairy tales, hypnotic states, REM, “My nights are more beautiful than your days”, hallucinations. We still need to explore hibernation, delta waves in brains, coma, Freud, interpretation of dreams and much more.

Would you like to join us on a trip… just wake me when it’s all over.

Ira Demina
Irene Cortina González

Dino Spiri