CV Banshee Ragout

Irina Demina (1986, Ru/De) and Joshua Rutter (1980, NZ/De) both graduated from the Master studies from HZT Berlin (Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin). Joshua – from MA SoDa programme (Solo/Dance/Authorship), Irina – MA Choreography. “Banshee Ragout” is their first full-length evening collaboration, supported by the state of Hamburg, it had premiere on the February 9th, 2017.

joshua-rutter3Joshua Rutter is a New Zealand artist living in Berlin, Germany. Coming from a movement and dance background, his work tends to linger around the choreographic aspects of culture. He has worked with i.a. Min Tanaka, Tino Sehgal, Jerome Bel, Jochen Roller. He completed his Master’s studies in Solo Dance Authorship (SODA) at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz (HZT) Berlin. Joshua was a scholarship holder of  DAAD. He has performed his own work in Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand.


Irina Demina was born in Poland. Russian. Based in Berlin, Germany.
She made her dance education in Moscow and Hamburg, graduated from Moscow State Lomonosov University and Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT).
She has worked with choreographers Xavier le Roy, Jochen Roller, Wanda Golonka, Angela 13731438_10154379969048872_1682644615465724921_nGuerreiro, Halla Olafsdottir, Raul Valdez e tc.
2013 she received the 3d prize in the competition “The best German dance solo” in frames of Euro-scene festival in Leipzig. Since 2010 she is developing her own projects (i.a. 2013 -“Hoomu Nite”, 2014 – “Accumulalalation”, 2015 – “360 degrees or today I’ve almost puked the endolymph out of my ear canals”, 2016 – “Traumlabor” a piece for 5 dancers for Theater Strahl Berlin)
She is working as a choreographer for drama theatre productions. 2014-2016 Irina was the scholarship holder of Alfred Töpfer Stiftung. She is a certified vinyasa yoga instructor (RYS 200 Yoga Alliance).